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Visualising Peace & Justice
Den Haag 21 tot en met 24 september 2017 

Expositie in de Levi Lassenzaal van het Museon door studenten van de Design Academy en de KABK. Onderzoek naar de verbeelding van het thema Vrede en Recht.


Expositie tekst:
In the frigid high spaced entrance hall of the ICC Marie José Blacquière was confronted with the story of a sweet girl talking to her about human dignity. The only thing she wanted was to be human; be seen, be heard. Such a simple wish for feeling safe! When she asked children and adults were they feel safe they gave all interpersonal, homey, tochy answers. But, they also need systems and institutions to arrange and maintain safety. It appears to be opposites, but apparently these two sides need each other. Blacquière work shows these two things: a contradiction and at the same time a merge of opposites.

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